Cycling is like the Beatles

It never grows old: Beatles Medley

Cycling keeps people young.

Paul, World Champion from Flagstaff

Paul World Champion from Flagstaff

Paul is one of the many talented athletes and fine citizens that call Flagstaff home.

Flagstaff is the only community in the nation to host two USA Cycling junior talent camps where young riders work to improve their skillset and develop their cycling futures.

Flagstaff is the home community of the High Performance Sports Center which hosts world class athletes that come to train at continuous high altitude while drinking in the big blue fresh mountain air.

Flagstaff is a “running paradise” according to Team Run Flagstaff.  And home to some of the best runners in the world and lots of enthusiastic locals.  Sometimes the enthusiastic locals are the best runners in the world.
We are at 7,000 feet above sea level.  Way higher than Boulder, CO.  Whoa!

Cyclists, walkers, swimmers, triathletes and runners love Flagstaff.  The healthful environment, excellent training facilities, small town atmosphere plus a supportive community makes for a magical combination that is tough to beat.  Lots to be proud of here!

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