Travel journals

top travel writing with photos:

Year of the bird  We visited Whitewater Draw, AZ to see our beloved Sandhill Cranes
A Walk Into the Unexpected A trip to Bisti Wilderness in Northwestern New Mexico
Cool Sunshine A trek into the borderlands of Colorado and northern New Mexico
Chaco Adventures Family cycling at Chaco Canyon, Four Corners area, Southwest U.S.A.
Authentic Blue Touring in Northern New Mexico
Paso Azul del Norte Walking at Hueco Tanks in West Texas near El Paso
Maple Dance  Hidden wonders in the Manzano Mountains less than an hour from Albuquerque
Biking Japan Journal from my past travels and plans for future ones
Walking Santa Fe Just up the road from Albuquerque is a place a world away
A Beautiful City to Bicycle A local ride around Albuquerque
Quebradas, or Breaks A scenic back country byway near Socorro, New Mexico
Around the Mountain Bicycling a mid-region classic with friends
Bicycling El Paso A Christmas Day ride in an up and coming healthy town
Vitamin N for Resiliency  Being in nature renews us.  We visit Bosque del Apache