ABQ Bike Rides

Posts on community and group rides I’ve done:
The New Mexico Law Enforcement Memorial Ride from downtown to Santa Fe
ABQ Bicycle Friendly Community ride with Stephen Clark from the Bike League
Bicycling Santa Fe, our sister community has complimentary cycling terrain

Some favorite routes:
Bosque Trail — .5-2.5 hours.  I have two posts on this car free home town favorite.  Skirting along the fabulous green space preserved up and down the Rio Grande, this paved trail is a world class gem for families, kids, visitors, residents, everyone.
Bosque Trail Fall Colors — Early November ride when the trees are flaming.
Bosque Trail in early October — October is a great time to visit Albuquerque.
Paseo de la Mesa — 1-1.5hours.  Another paved multi use trail like Bosque that is free of motorized traffic.  This one is on the West Mesa up by the volcanoes.  Great views.  Wide open!
Sandia Crest — Probably my favorite ride ever.  I’ve always loved climbing.  This one is the best.
Around the Mountain — 4-5 hours.  Takes you through the village of Placitas and up the back way to the Sandia Range on a dirt road through Las Huertas canyon.  Climbing the dirt road is just fine on a road bike, and then you can descend down the paved Crest road and choose your favorite way back to Tijeras Canyon and on through town to complete the circumnavigation of these beloved mountains.
Around and Up the Crest — 6 hours.  If going around the mountain is not enough to satisfy you, go for the ultimate fulfillment of around and up.
Hagen Loop — 4.5-6 hours.  The long way around the Sandia Mountains.  What a trip.
Sandia Foothills Finger Climbs — 2-3.5 hours.  This unique classic is fabulous for many reasons.  The fingers draw you up close to the mountains, the air is blue and clean, there’s great variety, you’ll stay close to town keeping that sense of neighborliness and convenience, and the fingers provide a most spectacular workout!
East Mountains Loop — 2-3 hours.  This compact beauty takes you through Tijeras Canyon to the area’s premiere road and mountain biking haven, the East Mountains.  There are many selections of routes to ride once in the East Mountains but this shorter loop is one of my favorites.  Very relaxing, great scenery, smiling people enjoying the countryside.  Good roads.
Los Lunas Century — 6 hours.   This big loop doesn’t have much climbing but any 100 mile ride is challenging.  It takes you down the agricultural South Valley, out into great open desert spaces on lightly traveled Hwy 6, and uses 14 miles of Interstate 40 (bikes on shoulder only) before hopping onto the north frontage road on back into Albuquerque.  Good to be home again!
Tramway to La Luz — 1.5-2 hours.  This two part climb is a gem for many reasons.  It begins on the Sandia Reservation on the east-west portion of Tramway on the north end of town.  Near the top of the climb when Tramway begins turning south make the left onto Forest Road 333, aka the La Luz trailhead road, for the progressively steeper, soundless, most beautiful two miles of smooth pavement available in the Southwest.  In a short distance you feel very far away from the city, though you’re actually close-by.  One of the best big city climbs.  Pretty amazing really.
La Luz — fastest time is just over 10 minutes!  This short-medium length climb is very steep and my favorite training climb.  It is so hard best not to do it two days in a row.  Recover completely.
San Ysidro — 4.5-6 hours.  It is difficult to say where the best scenery is around here, but certainly we can say the San Ysidro scenery is very different, and it would be hard to argue it is not the best.  You can see the Sangre de Cristo, Jemez up close, and of course the amazing Sandias flying above the Rio Grande Valley.  Highway 550 has a speed limit of 70mph but the shoulder is wide past Bernalillo and there is a rumble strip providing a buffer.  Traffic is moderate.  There is a convenience store in San Ysidro where you can stock up.  Beautiful route.
Tranquillo Pines — 2-3 hour.  Another great East Mountains ride that you can turn into a ride that goes as long as you want.  But just climbing up to Tranquillo Pines is fun, and I like exploring the back roads either west on Raven or east on Oak Flats.
Tijeras True — 1-2 hours.  East old route 66 is an incredibly important link for all the rides on the East side of the Sandias, but also is a great ride itself.  Once you leave the city you are abruptly in classic rural New Mexico with beautiful scenery, stunning open spaces, horses.  Many people use this route for commuting, lunch rides, a quick spin out on the open road before and after work, and as a favorite route on the weekends too!  Love Tijeras!  NMDOT repaved Tijeras in summer/fall 2014 with smooth and generous full width shoulders.  You’ll see many cyclists.
Corrales — 1.5-2.5 hours.  If you have only a couple hours and want to get at the essence of this valley, I’d recommend heading out to Corrales.  it is a very unique place.  Though it has gentrified more than Tijeras Canyon and is strangely positioned between the old river and the fastest growing city in the State, Rio Rancho, Corrales exudes the character and has soil that can make me think of nothing else save the heart of New Mexico.  You can get to Corrales easily by heading over Alameda off the Bosque Trail.  It is a very pretty ride.  A gentle and relaxing land.

Check the route library of the New Mexico Touring Society for a catalogue of beyond category riding.  The best resources are from hometown bicycling entrepreneurs http://www.nmts.org/

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