Bike culture and local food go well together

Welcoming signs from the bike valet at the Albuquerque farmers market

ride park eat chili

ride and shop local

ABQ farmers market

free bike parking made nice and easy

local food and bikes enjoyed together

Food and biking are strong suits of Albuquerque.  Bike Valet makes it easy to park, shop and enjoy the best of both worlds with no worries.

Santa Domingo tamale hits the spot

Santa Domingo tamale hits the spot

The veggie tamale from the Santo Domingo folks opened up my food palette expanding my conception of how good food can be.  Goodness you can taste the care in these.  We cooked with a heaping handful of fresh basil from Mago’s Farm all weekend long at our Bandelier campsite.  Food, bikes, artists and farmers create quite a celebration.  There was live music too! makes seed jewelry. makes seed jewelry

Riding bikes to the local farmers market seems different but good.

“Every normal human being is forever recalculating, reorienting, reorganizing information and reaching for new understanding.  Thus, if you know…any human being in any line of work who is not rethinking, reappraising, and revising her or his previous assumptions, then charity requires you to summon the paramedics…on chance that there might still be time to get this party’s heart restarted.”
–Patricia Nelson Limerick, Something in the Soil

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