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The Now of Cycling

Graceful receiving is one of the most wonderful gifts we can give anybody.  If we receive what somebody gives us in a graceful way, we’ve given that person I think a wonderful gift. –Fred Rogers, “Remembering Mr. Rogers

Cycling is a way for me to receive the gift of today, and feel grateful for all who make it possible. One aspect of cycling I really love is how it connects me to the present moment. It helps my concentration. I call this power ‘the now of cycling’.

It is a lot like making music in a way. Movement creates a sense of continual creation, a free flow of energy mixing in the present. If I dial up the intensity in cycling there is increased focus and concentration. Similar to when Leo Kottke gets into the chorus of his song “Orange Room” in the video player above, it really draws you in for the ride.

It’s liberating! It also helps me get dialed into the landscape, to pay attention to what is around me. I love taking pictures while out riding. This one above is from Buffalo, N.Y.

This one is from Denver in a light rain December 2020.

Andrew Fearnside working on his mural at Duke City BMX, Albquerque, New Mexico


The beautiful Rio Grande looking across to the Sandia Mountains

John and Sam on Sam’s first ATM (around the mountain)

Valle de Oro in Albuquerque is connecting the traditions of the Tiwa People to the present day in a wildlife refuge that is also a critical resource for the community.

This mural in Moab is part of the “Shared Horizon Many Visions” community art project.

Another mural at Valle de Oro. It has been fun watching this place take shape. Their visitor center opened Sept. 10, 2022.

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Moab, Utah

Near Geyser Pass in the La Sal Mountains, Moab, Utah

Looking towards the Sandia Mountains from Tramway Road. Sometimes these blooms peak over a few days, and the lighting makes each moment unique. Cycling makes me feel like I’ve lived each day and is part of what makes my days whole. More fun rides!