Southwest Bike Initiative, a 501(c)(3)

Promoting health, wellness, and sustainability

SBI is an educational and research nonprofit founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2016. Although we focus our work on the Southwest U.S., SBI is dedicated to improving all American lives through bold ideas and concerted actions for making transportation better. We strive to cultivate a healthier, more prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Our Vision: A world where walking and bicycling are included as natural, primary choices for transportation — and where they are planned as safe, convenient, dignified, and natural modes of travel.

What We Do

SBI provides planning, design, and educational services to fully integrate walking and bicycling into our transportation system:

  • Transportation planning and evaluation to promote better designs and beneficial behaviors
  • Technical support for community organizations, businesses, governments, and others
  • Educational programming to increase safety and encourage healthy, aware travel

Our Goals

  • Promote diversity in transportation choices and make active transportation accessible for all
  • Promote transportation planning as an integrative practice to reduce transportation costs and maximize benefits to society
  • Integrate safety, efficiency, and accessibility as guiding principles for transportation planning
  • Expand transportation’s role in promoting public health, wellness, environmental conservation, sustainable development, social connectedness, and the preservation of landscapes and cultures
  • Restore a culture of active transportation by teaching knowledge and skills
  • Bring walking and bicycling education to engineering, planning, and society as a whole
  • Build a “Safe Routes to Schools” program that includes all children and families

Get Involved!

To learn how you can get involved, contact:

Mark Aasmundstad, Director & Founder
swbikeinitiative (@)
visit our website – donate if you can!