Images of Fall

If you want to find out what is happening in New Mexico take a walk.  It’s a magical season.  With family and friends visiting, we’ve spent time walking around Santa Fe, Acoma Pueblo, and the Albuquerque Biopark.  It has been exciting to share what we know and see New Mexico through new eyes.  And as we talk with more New Mexican residents we learn diverse perspectives and see there are many views of this place, and more friends to make.

Aspen Vista Mai

Aspen Vista light show

Aspen Vista roots

Aspen Vista life's direction


Acoma turquoise mountain

Acoma enchanted mesa with Raven

Acoma stone language


One stands out


Acoma church


Acoma kiva ladder

Biopark grass

Biopark pumpkin arrangement

Biopark desert beauty


Biopark scintillating

Biopark thistle giants

Aspen Vista hugs

Aspen Vista blue

Aspen Vista braided


Biopark garden zen

Aspen Vista see through wall

Biopark sunburst

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