A New Lease on Life for Albuquerque

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

I was watching Misty Copeland, the principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater, interviewing on Charlie Rose  and I realized how much ballet and cycling have in common.   Both of them are elegant expressions of human movement, but in American culture they have not quite arrived as part of the common heritage.  Misty Copeland makes it easy to embrace dance, and has a gift for making ballet relevant in our times.  She shows us what we gain by embracing diversity in form, expression and movement.

The increase in bicycling and walking across America is part of the ongoing change in the world.  It’s part of opening up to the full expression of the human spirit.  Human powered transportation brings grace and dignity to both rural places and cities.   Biking and walking help reinstate our self knowledge and increase awareness of what’s around us, widening our scope of community.  They help us understand the power of human movement, and the fluidity and coordination with which we can direct ourselves.  Biking and walking awaken our senses and help us fit ourselves better to place and move in concordance with one another.  It gives us a new lease on life.  The streets are part of our community, a living environment, connecting us. How we move together is a way of expressing life.

The Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place conference in Vancouver in 2016 is a good place to tap into to the tide of change that is recreating the good life and enlivening our cities.

The Project for Public Spaces is a stellar resource for biking, walking and place:

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