How We Think About Bicycles

The outdoor life here in New Mexico is sure good.

Via Entrada kind speed sign

I was riding near San Pedro Creek in the East Mountains on Via Entrada for the first time and came across these signs.  Slowing down in the presence of people in the saddle, walking and bicycling is intuitive but it is good to see it communicated.  The “speed limits enforced” part is a nice touch because in our culture people sometimes assume you can get away with going beyond the limits.  Raising our social consciousness to the presence of others is good.

Share the Road yield sign

San Pedro Creek Via Entrada road sign

share the road

These signs impress that different ways of traveling are all expected activities.  This is pretty much how we should view every street and road.  Streets are complete with people, and people walk and bike for every reason, just as we use cars.   Being able to walk and bike is not a luxury, but these travel modes are basic necessities, like water and nutrition.  Walking and biking are good ways to enjoy social time with family and friends, find inspiration, process thoughts, burn off a little stress, and experience simple pleasure.  We might even go so far as to say they are preferred activities.  Recreation is productive.  Active recreation is the best medicine we have for building health.  Anyone can do it, and these modes are cheap, accessible, engaging, and fun.  They’re light impact and never get old.  Actually they keep us young.

Via Entrada multi modal sign

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