Abiding by the bike

A big thank you to Mai who encourages me to abide by the bike every day and helps me get out and ride.  Without her support and encouragement I would not be as healthy.  For example sometimes when we go on a road trip Mai lets me get out and ride for a while.  Then she forgets to pick me up and I have to ride extra to make it back to the car and the food.  Every cyclist knows a supportive family and strong group of inspirational friends is key for making cycling at a high level fun and approachable.

Mai takes many of the photos I use on this blog.  On Sunday before Labor Day she let me have her camera and I photographed her near the Kachina Trail on the San Francisco Peaks.

Mai on the Kachina Trail

Mai on the Kachina Trail

Mai won second and third place in the “experienced” category at the Coconino County Fair last weekend for two photos she entered.  Her work can be seen at sanaistudio.com
Arigato Mai-san.  You’re the one!

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