Inspired to Ride

Here are a couple videos that I really enjoyed watching.   Thanks for sharing them friends.
Peter Sagan, the World Road Cycling Champion, knows how to have fun.  I remember hearing on the radio in 1992 about Miguel Indurain winning the Tour de France.  I didn’t know anything about cycling culture then, but I had a nebulous curiosity.  Indurain spoke through the bicycle and was pretty mellow off the bike.  A Basque biography of him is called Indurain: un Templado passion, or, a well-tempered passion.  Sagan’s passion speaks many languages and seeks many forms.  A quintessential millennial, cycling around the world.  His dancing is improving some.

David Eyer Davis from Provo Utah’s Bicycle Collective discusses how bicycling changes lives in his 11 minute Tedx talk.  We have a bike collective in ABQ called Esperanza.   David sees the bike as a tool for empowering people towards self sufficiency and learning.  Bicycling moves people out of a rut and gives a way to progress over perceived limitations.  With support from bike collectives, people can build critical thinking skills and find confidence.  “They bring together…everybody…and people pitch in because they see the benefit in their own lives.”

This three minute trailer sat in my inbox for awhile because I was afraid of the controversy implied by the title.  I like bikes and cars.  But then I watched the trailer and it inspires critical thought.  ‘The way I feel on a bicycle is the way car advertisers suggest cars can make you feel.’   Young people are opting out of car culture and divesting from carbon based transportation.   Everyone wants to use their time efficiently and be more socially connected.  There is new transportation greatness we have yet to develop and discover.  It looks equitable and diverse, and has more to do with the way things fit together than any one travel mode.

“Sagan pulls a bit of a wheelie across the line, now that’s happiness.” –Phil Liggett

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