Paso Azul del Norte

We took the long road south following the Río Grande rift valley.  Being far from our families, we thought this Christmas was a good time to explore the Sun Land around El Paso.  On our first morning there under the slanted winter light we walked at Hueco Tanks Historic Site.

desert shadow

salida del sol


Hueco is a place where water pools in natural rock basins.  It has attracted people for thousands of years and rocks are etched with their imagery.  A confluence of cultures here.



blue hole

heart of light

The banded mountains in the distance look painted on in the stark desert light.  Up close the plains are resplendent with grasses fanning out and sotol and yucca flowers spearing skyward.  The unfolding red tips of blooming ocotillos punctuate the resonance of life.

Ocotillo show


fanning out

The Chihuahuan Desert is a different kind of beautiful.  The Creosote bush ocean changes visual palettes.  This desert is relatively temperate and full of surprises.

deep green color


A deep Chihuahuan blue wrapped by rocks, water and sun.  So many colors and tones.

cracked and peeling

lichen rock

texture weave


piedras de colores

We had no idea a place like this existed.  A heartfelt place.  Admiring the vast detail of the open lands in the angled light of a sunny winter’s day, we vowed to explore more.

new growth


building and tree

Wagon Wheel repose

cresosote bush

soap tree yucca



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