A Beautiful City to Bicycle

On Sunday I tried a different route.  I took the Gail Ryba bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Río Grande and continued west on the I-40 trail until I reached another bike/ped bridge.  I crossed over I-40 again by Hanover Rd. to the West Mesa High School area. I’ve seen that bridge before but I’ve never used it.  It’s smooth with great views.  Working my way over to West Central I saw parts of town previously hidden to me.  From the bicycle things look and feel different.  I noticed the beautiful art work on the Unser road cut where it descends the volcanic escarpment.  I saw a horserider push the crosswalk button and trot across Alameda.  I noticed the serpentine xeriscaping down the center of I-40.  The neon artwork flickering on West Central.  The textured sands in dry arroyos.  Tumbleweeds blowing above the volcanoes, freed from fences, whipping across the west mesa.  Dust pluming up from the new development  breaking ground.   The stunning light and splash of colors at daybreak and evening time.  On Sunday I rode across five dedicated bicycle/ped. bridges.  From the mountains across the river to the volcanic west mesa and back again, what a beautiful city and State for bicycling.

the beauty of Tramway Road

route 66 sign

west mesa escarpment road cut

cool cat

Bridge over I-40

evening sky

pink sunrise


Bicycles, Pedestrians, and Horses

West Mesa Aquatic Center

volcano road

paseo trail

Sand River

New Mexico colors


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