Walking the Railyards in ABQ

good resting weather

Agave world

We had a little snow this weekend so I took a couple days off the bike and spent a lot of time with Mai.  Sunday we walked the Railyards Holiday Market with festive Burqueños.  We ran into several people we know.  The market in the historic Barelas neighborhood is held in industrial buildings where locomotives were rebuilt in the early 1900’s.  The massive industrial architecture sits on a complex just a few blocks from downtown.  When it fills up with a 100 vendors, live music and fresh food and the hum of thousands of people, it breathes new life.

Railyard market ball

Chili head

Glass light patchwork

I’m not a big shopper but this market was hot.  We ate steaming tamales.  All the vendors are unique, but Kei and Molly’s Textiles stand out.  Their beautiful fabric designs awe the crowd.


Railyard green window sash

dripping water

KeiandMolly Textiles

We went to the river for a walk on the shore, and toured Hotel Andaluz.  The climate by the river is softer and it received less snow than we did on the east mesa.  Diverse ecosystems in the city.

Long House

blue wood

Shore of the Río Grande

Andaluz lobby

This city is visually and historically rich, and culturally and geographically vibrant.  It’s positioned to thrive.  The key is structuring the maturation so it is healthy, enriching and renewable.

Kimo from Central eastbound

whitle blue green

I’m glad it snowed this weekend.  I even got to the Special Collections Library.  It was built in 1925 in fine Southwest style.  So much local history to study and learn.  We topped it off with a walk in the South Foothills overlooking the city.  We had a nice weekend simply staying home.

Central and Edith, Special Collections

Old Sandstone Tower

Let the sun

Holiday bliss

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