Triple Bottom Line Profits from Better Bicycling

“It is important for us to create streets that are safe and a bicycle economy that is diverse and inclusive to help support young pedalers into the future.”
–Mychal Tetteh, CEO of the Community Cycling Center

One of the nicest people I know in Albuquerque is leaving for Portland, so I had to take a closer look at the talent magnet Portland has become.  I found this City of Portland Planning and Sustainability video on climate action compelling because it prominently features bicycles.  “People want to live their values,” and bicycling is an affordable and simple way to be your best and love your neighbors.   Albuquerque cyclists, contribute to the Albuquerque planning update process.  There’s a transportation meeting Nov. 30, or take a minute to write your City Councilor to let them what you care about.  Find your councilor here.  We need your unique voice.

Key themes in this video:  The idea that economic growth and opportunity is in conflict with taking action on climate change is outdated.   Living within our energy and resource means are powerful values.  Investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, ecological resiliency, and sustainable transportation infrastructure serve us well, even during times of economic hardships.  Residents stay safe and save $.  Underserved communities are assets because they are under-tapped resources.  Creating an inclusive economy is exciting.  Right policies that encourage right practices networked with the right innovations bring forward thinking solutions to the forefront of economies.  Acting early puts cities in a position to prosper.  Climate is a global issue so Portland can’t do it alone.  Sustainability takes teamwork.  To reach goals like carbon reduction, we all have a part.  These sound like great values, family, purpose, hard work.

“I think that one of the things that makes Portland so great is that everybody wants to work together to make the best place for everyone in our community.  And this is really a chance where we can have business, individuals and government all working together.”
–Deborah Kafoury, Multnomah County Chair

“That’s our opportunity…we do have practices, habits and understanding that can lead us to be a global competitor in exactly what the world wants and needs.”  –Charlie Hales, Portland Mayor

Sansai Studios sunset fly out

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