Improving on the Old Way of Doing Things

“The good news is the good old days were never the good old days.”  –Michael Bloomberg

La Luz moonrise over chamisa

“Roads are designed to move people…we have this unique method of transportation called walking…people are starting to ride their bikes more and more.”  “The only way to get people to respond to the good objectives of safety and sustainability is to explain to them why they today get a benefit by making the sacrifice.”  –Mike Bloomberg, 108th Mayor of New York and founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Pino lean

“The evidence is catching up to the ethics.”  –Jim Yong Kim

Pino Trail ethics

‘Roads are designed to move people.  Focus on the movement of people.  Not just vehicles.’
‘We have to look at other ways to move people.’
‘Motor vehicle traffic hurts your economy.’
‘With increased pedestrian traffic, gross sales of businesses on the street level goes way up.’
‘You have to explain to people today what benefits they get from less traffic.’


Pino Trail fall woods

“Real innovations are low-cost and efficient.” –Andrew Steer, Pres. of World Resources Institute
“Transportation really is about people.”  –Jim Yong Kim, President of World Bank

Pino Trail on horseback

Pino Trail horsemounts

Pino riders

Pino family cycling

“The way we build our cities is about food security, health, education, it’s about everything we want to accomplish as a society.  Of course it is about sustainability…let’s start by focusing on transport.”  –Jim Yong Kim, World Bank from his conversation with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

Pino Trail rust

Downtown cosmos

Ikebana October

Most of the quotes are from Shaping the Future of Urban Transport.  Pictures are from walks and bike rides on the Pino Trail, Pecos National Park, La Luz, and from gardens in Albuquerque.

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