Cycling World Championships with Tilford

Road World Championships are happening this week in Richmond, Virginia, USA.  Road Worlds were last on US soil 29 years ago in Colorado Springs in 1986.  US cycling was breaking onto the world scene then.  Greg Lemond was the first non-European to win the Tour de France in 1986 in its 73rd annual running.  He was phenomenal.  Lemond grew up in Reno, NV, and that is where I began cycling in earnest.  Western roads nurture climbing ability and make for exciting bicycling.   Since 1986 cycling has grown in equity and inclusiveness, spreading around the world.  Now there are teams from Asia, Africa, South America, all over.  And the upcoming generation of North American riders race stupendously and with honor, a la Lemond.  Cycling is a true global sport, much bigger than soccer.  Cycling’s usefulness for promoting health, social connectedness, efficiency and sustainability make it stand out above all.

Brandon McNulty wins bronze at Road Worlds, Junior Time Trial. Brandon is an alumnus of the Landis/Trek team

Brandon McNulty wins bronze at Road Worlds, Junior Time Trial. Brandon is a graduate of the Landis/Trek team.  An Arizonan.  The places cycling takes you!  Photo from Tilford’s blog

Steve Tilford is at Richmond covering worlds.  His blog opens up cycling in a unique way, giving access to an insider’s view with great depth.  He is a practicing racer, and highly accomplished.  Cyclesport is closely intertwined with culture and civic life where it is thriving in America, in places like Durango.  “Durango probably has the best trail system of any town in the United States.  The city itself is so supportive of cycling it should be the city that every other one in the country tries to emulate.” (Durango Dirty Fondo).   In the last few weeks Steve’s been to Cross Vegas where Governor John Hickenlooper announced 100 million to make Colorado the best bicycle State ever.  And Steve’s covered himself with mud at a mountain bike race in Wisconsin called Chequamegon.  He also raced with the pros at St. Louis doing four criteriums, and reported from the US Pro Challenge in Colorado.  Steve will roll you into the world of cycling with a humble, expansive perspective.   We get tips on developing technologies and enduring traditions.  He introduces us to great people, and has a genius for relating the mundane routines that lead up to peak cycling experiences.  He lights up the landscape of cycling for all of us.  Steve’s worlds coverage illuminates the biggest one day race of the year.


For July 2015 Steve Tilford’s blog is my bicycle org of the month.  I’m a couple months behind on designating my bicycle org of the month, but I’ll catch up.  The world of cycling is composed of so many diverse champions.  Steve has been wheeling for decades and is getting stronger.

flower greet and bike parking

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