Exercising Sustainability on the Road Less Traveled

Something we were withholding made us weak
Until we found out that it was ourselves
We were withholding from our land of living,
And forthwith found salvation in surrender.
–Robert Frost, from The Gift Outright

standing tall

Monday magic.  Monday was a ride up the Crest.  I was taking my time, one of those backpack rides, and I took these pictures.  I was sick all last week and still am, but not riding much is not doing me any good.  Riding is good.  I was reminded on this climb what suffering on a bike is like.  The long slow wilt on relentless grade.  I gave into it and kept on churning.  The journey is rewarding and seeing summer growth is amazing.  Indeed the roads are lined with flowers.

in a mood

wild mixture


There was smoke in the air from the wildfires in the pacific northwest.  It looked hazy.  All the shades of sky in New Mexico are incredible.  I don’t think we have any bad sky days here.

sunflower cactus

the road less traveled

The poem from Robert Frost, The Gift Outright, travels with me and helps me think about what it means to live here in New Mexico.  Bicycling helps me connect with the land and develop my sense of this place.  It is a great equalizer.  If I wake up high minded it will humble and ground me with earth.  If I am feeling poor or down bicycling helps lift me up and I feel wealthy because I’m healthy and can move with grace and dignity.  When I am anxious about the future bicycling helps me be present in the moment and do what I can to make a difference today.

gold green blue

Gutierrez wind

I am grateful I found bicycling again back in 1997.  It activates potential that is hiding untapped.  I see so much more when I am on my bicycle, and take in all the flavors and sense the world I’m a part of, get a feel for the shape of the day.  It’s interactive and places us in conversation with people and land.  It’s no wonder I’m working on sustainable transportation, developing sense of place and learning everyday I bicycle.  At the conclusion of every ride when all the photos are taken and places are visited, I tell myself to bring it home.  Bring the knowledge home with humility.  How fortunate we are to find something we enjoy, that is also something good for us, and something we need.  I keep on riding, giving myself to this land of living.  Trato Hecho.  There is so much more to discover right here in front of us, underneath us, all around us.

straight shot

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