Oregon Embracing People with Bike Travel Initiative

“More Americans bicycle than golf, ski and play tennis combined.” –Travel Oregon’s bike friendly business program

When I was driving truck all across America the two States that stood out as most beautiful were New Mexico and Oregon.  Although I loved driving the 18-wheeler I longed to climb out of the cab and get out on my own to explore more.  So I’m excited to see Oregon has launched an initiative to encourage people to get to know the landscape via bicycle travel.  Travel Oregon has created the 7 bikes for 7 wonders campaign to place people in Oregon’s incredible landscapes on top of sweet bikes.   Each of the 7 bikes was fashioned to match one of the 7 wonderful places in scenic Oregon.  The builder for the Painted Hills Bike says “if you rode around here you would just drop your jaw…it is just beautiful here.  Worth the ride.”

Oregon is the first State in the Nation to build a scenic bikeways program.  Bicycling is the perfect match for people so restless to explore, touch and experience.  “Pioneer your own vacation…every road is an invitation to adventure” says Ride Oregon.  They have a nice catalogue of rides.  Here is one that shows how a group mixes in bike travel with other experiences such as camping, hiking and rock climbing.  And of course good food.

It is so nice to see people extended permission to reacquaint ourselves with the country through the powerful sense of freedom and joy that bicycling brings us.  It is truly a perfect way for people to explore and rejuvenate.  The upside is enormous and there is no downside.  Bicycling gets people moving forward.  Tomorrow on August 8th the Crater Lake bike finding adventure is on.  So if you want to go explore Oregon you might find a bike too.  The Crater Lake bike was made for that special place.  “Where else can you go ride around a volcano” says the bike maker.  There is another place.  In Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico you can bicycle in a supervolcano through huge meadows with old growth trees while viewing the State’s largest elk herd.  You can find hot springs.  Peace and solitude.  What better way to sense and preserve the natural ambiance than to explore New Mexico and Valles Caldera on foot and by bicycle.   I’d better keep working on my Southwest Bike Initiative.

“Riding around and seeing the world, that is where I find my happiness.” –Christopher Igleheart, Igleheart Custom Frames and Forks.  Maker of the Painted Hills Bike commissioned by Travel Oregon

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