Southwest Bike Initiative and Fundraising

Here’s a short fundraising & campaign update with photos from the Sandia Crest in July!  I’ve been busy researching and writing my bicycling guide Elements of Cycling.  And doing lots of outreach, communication, and education work in the Southwest U.S. region.  Please join the 17 grassroots supporters that have donated to my work at Crowdrise to help me reach my goal!

purple green rocks

When we set out to teach we also become students ourselves.  It has worked this way for me during the past year researching, writing and working at .  I’ve accomplished some of the goals I set out to do, and discovered more about the work that needs to be done.

sunflower on North Zamora road

I’m organizing a networking and partnership program called the Southwest Bike Initiative focusing on what bicycling can do for diverse constituents.  We are helping businesses, neighborhood associations, developers, non profits, governments and more realize and apply how bicycling can help fulfill their mission and make progress toward their goals.  We support and work with existing bicycling orgs and add new capacities to expand bike initiatives.

upper crest with deer

I’m continuing to race and work at events sharing my enthusiasm for bicycling.  I won the New Mexico State Road Championship in June, and the Sandia Crest race up Albuquerque’s highest mountain.  These build on the four State Championships I won in Arizona at the top amateur level.  With your support I’m planning on going to the US Masters National Championships in Utah.  I keep striving to exemplify honorable bicycling, and equally enjoy every aspect of practicing cycling including family rides, community rides, social events, research rides for bike planning and evaluation, and everyday rides to meet my regular transportation needs.  Practicing cycling every day is key to staying in touch.  Bicycling is contagious.  Bicycling for all!

Sandia woods

I’ve done a lot of service learning, and am sharpening my working skills as a transportation and sustainability professional with technical trainings and skills development.  My network of partners and community connections is growing and I see new opportunities opening up to make a difference.  I greatly appreciate your support of my start up fundraiser so I may continue this important work supporting people bicycling and developing all the components that make up the bike ecosystem and synching them up in an integrated way.  Thank you!

trees and ground

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