Getting Involved: Writing and Riding

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The Bike League sent me a reminder today to contact my US Senator about supporting a transportation bill amendment being voted on tomorrow.  Their message said:

“This amendment would ensure that the design of Federal surface transportation projects provides for the safe and adequate accommodation of both motorized and non-motorized users in the planning, development and operation of transportation projects!”

Click here to connect to your Senator.  It is essential to have the guidelines in place to support the development of an inclusive, balanced, affordable and accessible infrastructure so we have  healthy transportation choices.  Great walking and biking and transit is not only incredibly important now but it is a way to leave a positive legacy.  You don’t have to be a member of the Bike League to use their take action services.  My Senator, Tom Udall, respects word from his constituents and uses public input to guide his decision making.  Thank you Bike League for making it easy to correspond with our representatives on critical issues.  Rails to Trails Conservancy also has an action portal for this issue here .  Please let your Senator’s Office know what you care about.  These Federal decisions have significant impacts on setting the tone and scheduling the resource expenditures at local levels, where you live, walk and ride.

The most direct way of being involved is via bicycling every day.  I have done my dual duty today.  If you are looking for more riding, consider these two fine events this weekend.  These are small town based multiday cycling events in spectacular Southwestern country.

Capitol Reef Classic, Utah:
Salida 3 Day Cycling Classic, Colorado: or!salida-cycling-classic/c22rf

Reach out to your elected officials about your love for cycling.  Pedal every chance you get.  Both ways of being involved are worth every moment.  Arigato from the American Southwest!

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