Las Campanas NM State Championship: I am a Practicing Bicyclist

“We are all learners.  One can improve their bicycling skills.”  –a Transportation Professional

top of crest 2015.6.13

The Las Campanas Classic is coming up this Sunday.  It is being held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Check it out, register yourself, your sons and daughters, or just come out to be a part of the community and absorb healthy bicycling fun.  I raced this last year and the setting and course are spectacular.  Las Campanas Classic

Also the Race Across American (RAAM) is happening now.  The record for bicycling across America is about 8 days.  That includes sleeping.  The bicycle is indeed a powerful vehicle for moving and connecting people together across this great county.  RAAM

Some day I’d like to ride across America, but I might take my sweet time.  In the meantime I will keep riding locally everyday and learning as I go.  I always discover something new.  Be cautious, prepared, and careful, and remember every time we set out on a journey to open our imaginations to experience the adventure.  Here are resources to empower people cycling.  Enjoy the ride.  Thank you bicyclists, teachers and transportation professionals.

“Ride Big.  Riding big makes you visible and encourages motorists to give generous passing clearance.”

“Yield before moving laterally or turning.”

When riding in groups, “ride further from the right edge (18 to 24 inches) than when solo.”

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