Resilient People: Walking the Michael Emery Trail

I’ll be doing a Sandia Crest race report soon linking to Sansai Photography’s race gallery, but in the meantime I wanted to get a post up on healing and rejuvenation.  In particular I’ve been thinking about all the people recovering from injuries and from stuff that happens in day to day life that requires some slow time to reflect and breath deeply to restore our bodies and mend our minds.  It helps me to spend time in healing places.  Last Tuesday on the full moon Mai and I took an evening walk at the Michael Emery trail up in the high desert.  It is part of the Sandia Foothills trail system.  With the abundant Spring rains and under New Mexico’s lucid June skies, the desert colors are shining brightly, a patchwork of reds, browns, purples, greens and more.

Mai from Sansai Photography surveying the desert

Mai from Sansai Photography surveying the desert up close

Mai with the best light
Tall grasses with yellow flowers
“What we are probably witnessing is growing awareness of human needs generally…disasters are teachable moments.”  –Richard Levy, Yours for the Asking
Our cities are critical human habitat, especially since we spend most of our time there.  It is complimentary to have open space accessible nearby to unwind and enjoy nature’s supple grace.  We are fortunate in Albuquerque to have inherited the legacy of people with foresight to reserve an abundance of diverse lands.  Nearly 30,000 acres of major open space is protected and managed by the Open Space Division in the City’s Parks and Recreation Department.

desert splendor

trailing light
“What counts for long-term survival is intelligent self-understanding…for the real human story, history must comprise both the biological and cultural…The origin of the human condition is best explained by the natural selection for social interaction–the inherited propensities to communicate, recognize, evaluate, bond, cooperate, compete, and from all of these the…pleasure of belonging…”  –E.O. Wilson The Meaning of Human Existence
When I spend time in a place like the Sandia Foothills open space, I leave there feeling rejuvenated and relaxed–miraculously bouncing back–ready for more.  Thank you CABQ.

shapes in the moon light

purple flower trails to Sandias

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