Simple Trails: Evening Ride in the West

This music has a Southwestern flare and reminds me of the ambiance of this evening ride.
trailIn our times we have an industry driven transportation culture.  Gear guide magazines recommend having a different bicycle in your quiver for every occasion.  I don’t even have a garage, let alone a stash of complex equipment.  I have one bike and I use it for everything.

evening beauty

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to get out and enjoy the trails next to the Sandias.  I took the I-40 trail up to the Tramway trail and slipped through the quiet neighborhoods that splay out on the tip of the Sandia’s alluvial fan, which stretches down to the sinuous river, until I reached the pebbled granite trails flowing along the mountain’s undulating foothills.  It felt good.

sky so blue

cactus skeleton and purple mountains

vertical purple mountains

I brought my sandals along and food in case I wanted to hike too.  I don’t have a special carrying rack or anything, just a voluminously pocketed polka dot backpack that is borrowed from my wife (my backpacks are worn out).  Now that I’m older any teasing directed my way for looking a little goofy rolls off of me as I’m assured substance and purpose comes from the inside out.

rocks and greens purples blue

I am taking all these photos with my cell phone camera.  I am surprised at the quality.  My Cannon pocket camera that I’ve been using for the last eight or so years busted when I dropped it while bicycling up on the Pajarito Mesa.  Sad, but I can still get my field work done.  I’m saving for a new camera and a Go Pro.  While situating myself for one of these photographs I accidently crouched down on top of a prickly pear cactus!  It was like an acupuncture appointment gone bad.  The high desert is beauty and the beast all in one.


high desert gorgeousness

bicycling in the landscape

A couple people on mountain bikes said they had never seen someone riding a road bike out on the trails before, but I felt it was nimble and fine.  I used a Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike for my first road rides in Reno.  I started road bike racing on a cyclocross bike.  I rode mountain bike routes in Flagstaff on my cross bike.  I was adapting limited means to do what I wanted.  Innovation is not always necessary or good, but sometimes doing things differently stretches your imagination, and your budget.  The most important thing is what we do with it.  This one bike got me out on many beautiful trails.  For this I am grateful.

last picture frame

improvised trail bike

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