National Bike Challenge: Sign Up!

Dear New Mexican Cyclists,

Please consider signing up for the National Bike Challenge and make your miles count towards a national level competition based on grass roots cycling activity.  It’s free and easy.  The bike challenge will automatically synchronize miles from your Strava account and works with other GPS based applications.  You can also log your activity manually.  Right now New Mexico is standing in the top 20 States.  This competition helps our transportation planners get data on how many people are riding.  They need those quantitative metrics in order to increase the funding for bicycle level of service, so we can make it better and safer for all to ride.  It also is helping our elected officials visualize how much New Mexicans love cycling, and builds up our character as a cyclist friendly place.

If you really want to get into it you can create a challenge team for your club, workplace, school, etc. and compete against similarly organized groups.  Check the frequently asked questions page for all the details.   The idea, as with all social media, is to increase the real world connections and inspire people.  Even if you’re not from New Mexico, sign up.  We need some good competition.   Eventually we can grow this challenge globally and be a leader in getting the world riding together more often.   Thanks to our leading non-profit bike org bikeABQ for hosting the challenge and for all the important and much appreciated hard work you do.

Pedal and explore the world!  –Mark Aasmundstad

ps. here are some recent pictures from rides.  Cycle New Mexico!ABC Library Roses IMG_20150513_165404760 IMG_20150515_095716348

“The energy you give out is the results you get.”  –Joe Vitale, The Attractor Factor.

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