Cycling as Therapy: Ride 2 Recovery Program

Ride 2 Recovery started in 2008 when a “therapist thought cycling would be an alternative therapy to PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) as well as physical injury rehabilitation.”  It helps people and communities get moving forward together again.  They use cycling as method.

Ride 2 Life with a little help from friends

Ride 2 Life with a little help from friends

People gain a clearer sense of purpose and increased health by cycling.  It’s better than any prescription.  Cycling activates something inside us.   It calls on us to help ourselves.

The climb off Tramway up La Luz is a great way to get closer up to the mountains and reorient your day

The climb up La Luz gives me something to push against, and resets my day.  Simple yet profound.

United Healthcare helps to sponsor the Ride 2 Recovery program for Veterans.  They use cycling to get into the flow and increase the luster of life.  Sharing rides helps people shift perceptions, practice teamwork, and feel a part of the landscape and community.   Cycling transfers our energy over to the smooth pedaling motion.  It tones us all over, and increases suppleness and resiliency.   Let’s make room for more cycling in our lives.

Cycling gives you a feel for the landscape with your senses directly connected and even your legs sense the topographical flow

Cycling gives a sense of being enfolded by the landscape, taking you in as part of the whole.

Veterans are entitled to return home to a healing environment.  We can help by shaping a culture that empowers people to walk and ride together.  We want roads designed and engineered to facilitate human powered transportation, and a culture that drives with care.

walking downtown to the bike advisory meeting on Monday the sky seemed perfect.  Spend time outside helps us get inspired

walking to the bike advisory meeting the sky seemed perfect.  An inspirational moment outside transcends

When we drive our roads we are in the company of heroes.  Every individual is a hero to someone.  Let’s support people cycling and walking, the better to be healthy and free.


Delvin riding strong and creating new possibilities

( 1st and last pictures, and the leading quote, is from )
Thank you Ride 2 Recovery

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