Marcotte Achieves Goals and Beyond

“The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do nor does he know until he has tried.”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson, from Self Reliance

Dr. Eric Marcotte is inspiring.   My friend said Eric is “much better than Lance Armstrong.  Eric is not just a cyclist, he’s a professional health care provider, too.”  Eric focuses his chiropractic work on helping his patients achieve wellness, and helps them work towards their goals.  And in his career as a professional cyclist, he has accomplished something that has never been done before by winning the US Criterium National Championship while being the reigning US Road National Champion.  Eric, who lives and trains here in the Southwest United States, seems to have removed any self imposed barriers to success.  He’s a living example of how an overall life of health and wellness make us better.   And that there’s a reciprocity at work in our giving.

Dr. Eric D. Marcotte winning the US Pro National Criterium Championship 2015

Dr. Eric D. Marcotte winning the US Pro National Criterium Championship 2015

When Eric trained at altitude in Flagstaff the thing that stood out was how hard he worked.  The group would be cruising back to town after 60 miles of fast paced riding, but Eric was putting in some more sprints, and he also was up early putting in an hour and a half of riding in the morning prior to when we began.   People sometimes envy successful athletes, but watching Eric train I realized it took superior dedication and sacrifice to ride at his level.  I admire him for his hard work.   He also made a great teammate in Travis McCabe.  They lift each other’s game, and stay motivated and centered.  Eric seems to grow stronger from sharing his wealth of knowledge on healthy living and healing, and through inviting others to join him in the practice of holistic, responsible, and balanced health.  The complete cyclist is a complete person.

2015.4.21 podium usa nat crit 15procrit030_670

Eric in the center living the dream

Dr. Marcotte is proof that through the application of intelligence and motivation we can make a difference.   We have to dedicate ourselves to constant improvement, enjoy each step, and keep moving forward.   Who knows what we can accomplish.  Congratulations Dr. Eric D. Marcotte.
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