The Way of the Bike

A bike ride can be a good way to clear the mind and open up the heart.  If you want to match what you do with what you think the bicycle is a most beautiful way to be in the world.  The small rituals of prepping the water bottle, dressing in the functional clothing, and adding air to the tires coupled with a careful going over of the equipment quiet the mind.  Walking through the door out into the open awakens the sense of beauty.  I look around here in Albuquerque and I’m wreathed by mountains.  I spread out my attention to the mountains enfolding me.  Something like laughter bubbles up from inside.  I touch the tips of the handlebars and press my feet against the pedals.  I  feel the symmetry of will and action.

Gutierrez February 2015

Rolling forward I’m instantly engaged in a smooth flowing enchantment.  Even though I know where I’m headed it feels unscripted and free.  Subtle sounds like children’s voices singing and birds chirping open my sphere of awareness further.  It’s easy taking in the world through my senses.  I pay attention to the beat of my heart, and I look up in the sky to the sound of a raven’s wings flailing, her head swiveling her sights around.  The wide open cockpit keeps me close with my immediate environs.  The bike’s agility and quick reflexes develops my eyes and coordination as I pilot forward up the road.  At times I elicit big spontaneous smiles from people as I ride by.  Maybe it is because my own mouth is turning upward like a slivered crescent moon u-ing up to sky.  I concentrate on the rolling motion of my legs turning the pedals round.  I breathe in deeply then expel the air.  I pay attention to the landscape.  My senses beam outside.  The scent of fresh pine comes to me.  The tan desert plants in the dry sandy soils flutter in the breeze.  For some reason I look above and there is an eagle in a motionless glide on a current of air.  I feel a relaxed joy.  Whether I ride in the early morning under the yellow orange sky or past noon in pure blue daylight, bicycling keeps it simple and makes me attentive.  I appreciate what I have.  I have everything on the bike and want for nothing.  You can’t harness this moment.  But you can feel the rejuvenation and resiliency the present bestows.  Enjoy your ride.


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