Bike Zone–Idea One, Elements of Cycling

Bike Zone.   A Bike Zone is anywhere bicyclists are present.  When bicyclists are present, slow down.  Use caution.  Be careful when passing.

Bike Zone is “idea one” in my Elements of Cycling guide which is designed to increase the use of good safety-based judgment making skills in the traveling public.  We want to make active travel a safer and more attractive choice.  One that everyone can exercise anytime they desire.  The safety expectations for bicyclists are the same as for any other road user.  It requires our special attention to treat every human being first class.

When I passed a school today I saw a sign that read “when children are present, reduce speed.”  I realized we had no similar concept for when bicyclists are present.   A bike zone is like a construction zone, a school zone, a neighborhood with people around, but it is not always in the same place.  It is wherever bicyclists happen to be.  Bike Zone.  When bicyclists are present, slow down.  Use caution in a bike zone.  Be careful when passing.


1 thought on “Bike Zone–Idea One, Elements of Cycling

  1. Ron Flury

    …..Hi Mark…..
    You have an interesting website. I will spend more time looking around but did enjoy looking at your photos of the Flagstaff area. From the photos it appears that we have ridden some of the same areas.

    I enjoyed talking with you today (1.15.2015).



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