Get Educated on Active Transportation

Great Video: Dan Gutierrez’s 6E’s Presentation , by
Great Article: Enforcement for Bicyclist Safety , by
Great Book: Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Doby Tom Vanderbilt
For Albuquerque residents and visitors, check out Jeff Speck’s work on this very special Southwest city that emphasizes how we can capitalize on our natural attributes to build a more livable and healthy city that benefits everyone with a higher quality of sustainable living.

Bias is a funny thing.  We all have biases.  Even bicyclists.  Even bicycle advocates!  They’re hidden though, because we actually think through them, like a prism.  But we can overcome them with sustained effort and work!  Cultivate the habits of lifelong learning by openly examining your knowledge and adapting your critical thinking skills to find your original insights.  Overcome common prejudices and become a good resource for your friends, family and neighbors.  Think.  Imagine anew.  It’s worth it!  Let’s move cycling forward one conversation at a time.

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