Boca Negra

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 057

Today I rode to Albuquerque’s west side and met Mai at Petroglyph National Monument for a walk at Boca Negra Canyon.  The art from people who have lived in this valley is astounding.  Petroglyph was created in 1990 to preserve over 25,000 rock art renderings and is jointly managed by the National Park Service and Albuquerque’s Open Space Division.  What a storied and decorated place we live in.   Here’s the Strava map of my bicycle route to Boca Negra.

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 074

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 077

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 093

The escarpment these rocks are set in seems to be chiseled by a graceful sculptor, so dark and edgy in the sharp light of the clear winter sky.  Everywhere you look drawings emerge into view.  This city gives an admirable service watching over the carvings of ancient inhabitants w/ care.

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 012

The bike lane on Atrisco Vista is outstanding.  Couple this with careful, considerate driving and we have a winner.

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 035

I rode out above the volcanoes before retracing my path to meet Mai at Boca Negra.  The Paseo de la Mesa multiuse trail is outstanding.  For people who are not accustomed to wide open spaces, the American Southwest can seem vacant or scary.  For me the open vistas are inspiring and there are plenty of details to study and admire.  You just have to be open to getting over the color green and for letting new sensibilities transpire.  Live gently on these fragile soils.

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 042


2015.1.3 Boca Negra 047

I discovered the Boca Negra Canyon multiuse trail today (pictured above).  Surprisingly cool.   Middle New Mexico has the beginnings of a spectacular bicycling and walking transportation network, though all the pathways are not yet well connected.  The ancients may be pulling for us hoping we can carve and cultivate the most sustainable transportation system possible for perpetuity, helping our health and community prosper while saving our natural inheritance to share with future generations.  What an eye opening timeless place!

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 094

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 058

2015.1.3 Boca Negra 001

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