Sky Ocean

How Deep is Your Love by TE & John Knowles
The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge seems like an upside down ocean with all the birds swimming through the air.  Standing by the ponds on the old Camino Real flock upon flock fly right over observers like we are just part of the earth.  Wildlife enfolds us.

2014.11.30 Refuge 204

2014.11.30 Refuge 015

2014.11.30 Refuge 059

Endeavoring to perceive the intelligence of wildlife is an imaginative exercise.  The simple grace of the birds reminds us all the complexities of life begin with the universal rhythm found in our own heart and breath.  Biologists and ecologists are pioneering a new era of discovery of the world that is right in front our very eyes.  Even trees have intelligence if we look and listen.  Check out the PBS show Nature “What Plants Talk About“.

2014.11.30 Refuge 075

2014.11.30 Refuge 154


2014.11.30 Refuge 442

2014.11.30 Refuge 339

It is great to see people exploring this diversity with their cameras.  I heard a lot of folks decked out in camouflage using hunting lingo.  They were “shooting” wildlife, emptying digital memory “clips” with their repeating automatic quick shooting cameras.  I think this is a different way of exploring our kinship with animals.   It was the wildlife biologists who smilingly told us how delicious the elk that graze here were to eat.  Harvesting them in moderate numbers is a way to carefully maintain a good balance.  We are learning how humans best fit in, proper behaviors.

2014.11.30 Refuge 349

2014.11.30 Refuge 215

2014.11.30 Refuge 359

2014.11.30 Refuge 226

This inverse world with birds on top turned my perceptions of New Mexico around.  What abundance and diversity everywhere.  There is more good to know here than we currently express.  Enough wild to sustain and inspire us through the deepening quite of dusk and the sonorous eruption of life at every dawn.  Thank you New Mexico and Bosque del Apache!

2014.11.30 Refuge 208


2014.11.30 Refuge 324

2014.11.30 Refuge 265

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