Peter Sagan’s Taking it to the Streets

Peter Sagan’s game of bicycling is as creative and dominant as Michael Jordan’s basketball artistry, or Muhammad Ali’s boxing prowess.  I don’t usually toot the horns of famous people, but Sagan is only 24 and animates his sport with an easy smoothness and deft moves characteristic of genius.   His originality of movement and grace make him stand above the rest.   Instead of slam dunks like Jordan Sagan ignites his domination through frenzied sprint finishes.  Sagan combines magnificent style with explosive power, beautiful form with technical brilliance in ways that it is hard to imagine could exist where it not manifesting before our eyes.

He’s a mountain biker to begin with although he currently dominates on the road.  “I like downhill.  I like to be free.  In the forest its better.”  He crosses over his mountain skills to the pavé and seems very at home on the road.  Sagan has the skills to universalize the appeal of bicycling by reaching bmx’ers, freestylists, downhillers, in addition to the followers of the world tour road scene.  I think this is possible through his transcendent affinity for the bicycle.

Sagan’s venue is the beautiful global sport of road racing where everyday roads and villages suddenly become electrified as sporting venues when the world’s fastest roll through  on two wheels.  Most of the guys in the world tour know multiple languages.  Teams and schedules cross cultures and travel the globe.  It is a true world sport that glorifies local communities on every continent.  It is fun watching Sagan on this great stage.  Here’s a highlight real from his 2014.  Will he ever win the tour?  I don’t know but I am going to watch and see.  Underneath Sagan the bicycle suddenly becomes articulate and capable of new expression through its unity with an original human being full of exuberance.  Way to represent.

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