Ghost Bikes

The Duke City Wheelmen make monuments for fallen cyclists called ghost bikes.  On almost every ride I go past one.  They are sobering and startlingly poignant reminders what is gone is gone forever.  I am of the mind the best way we can honor fallen cyclists is to ride on with our full humanity reflected in the way we ride: carefully and defensively and unafraid (with caution not fear), with honor and civility and unashamed, with remembrance and kindness while living the life before us.  Here are positive reasons to ride and celebrate.  Who knows maybe we have angels among us now urging us forward with courage to live the life we want.

Rethink mobility
Include the ancient ways of walking and human powered wheeled vehicles in daily living.
Restart your imagination
Would a human centric mobility paradigm look any different than the current transportation system?
Reencounter youthfulness
Active movement is a sure way to get us feeling better and younger.
Restore the environment
Lightening the impact of our living is a gift to children.
Rebuild community
Engage with the place you live and the neighbors you share it with on a down to earth level.
Redefine the character of your city
Be the change you want to see by living it.  Your life is a creative enterprise.
Reinvent American transportation culture
The vitality of the country has always depended on reinventing ourselves for the better, responding well with enthusiasm and with simple ingenuity to the need for changes.
Redesign how you get to work, school and shopping
Make active transportation belong in your life where it may fit in well.
Reengage your body
When we try we find out we are capable of much more than we might have expected.
Re-Lease your life
Biking and walking is a great way to get moving towards your life’s goals.  Go for it.  Take out a new lease on life.  Doesn’t matter how old you are or what you’ve been through.  You’re alive!
Rediscover diversity
The places we live are infinitely varied and interesting, and walking and biking helps us refresh our view.
Revitalize your spirit
Biking and walking more helps us feel better, see and know more, and be more while taking less.  Oh yeah, and its FUN!  Don’t be afraid to feel good and take pleasure in the basics.

Check out Albuquerque’s Biking and Walking resources to help you get started, or check with your local bike shop to connect into the support you need to get moving forward.

Credits: I borrowed the structure for the rethink and restart your mobility life theme from a publication called “Locally Grown: New Mexico’s Guide to Local Food” Summer 14-15 edition published by

Thank you for the inspiration

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