Solar Roads

“If all the roads in the US were converted to solar roadways…the country would generate three times as much energy as it currently uses and cut greenhouse gases by 75%.”  from The Guardian article World’s First Solar Cycle Lane Opening in the Netherlands

Roads and cycle paths are not the only thing we can harness solar energy from.  Can you imagine what power we might harvest from solarizing the parking lots and garages around the United States?  Parking lots are an incredible use of space and mostly sit empty.  Mall parking lots fill only during peak shopping season.  Church parking lots get used for two hours once or twice a week.  If we start parking our bicycles in the spots instead of big vehicles, this will free up even more parking lot surface to generate solar power!

This a natural and exciting progression of applying technology to change the way we approach the most pressing problems in the world.  Often times the beginning of change involves a simple shift in the way we are accustomed to looking at things.  Thanks Professor Bicycle for sending this article from the Guardian about Solar Roads.  Compelling evidence sabbaticals are GOOD

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