Bicycle Country

The Everest Challenge is an Endless Road.  I’m looking forward to going out there this year and raising awareness for sharing the road and safety on our largest public commons, the road.  I had some great training rides in Albuquerque thanks to Scalo Velo.  We made some wonderful friends there and the geography and people are enormous inspirations.  The one ride I’ll always remember is around the mountain, up the mountain, then up the mountain again.  I’ll have to get that one on Strava for you.   The repeats on La Luz are spectacular (“the best middle distance climb anywhere”, that’s right Mike Cline) and the route east through Tijeras Canyon opens up to incredible riding in the east mountains, and is a wonderful route itself and improving thanks to NM DOT paving edge to edge and creating generous shoulders with smoothness and consistency equal to that in the general travel lanes.

We camped here:

Ojo Caliente campsite Sept 2014

We walked here:

walking in Sandia foothills Sept 2014

I acted like a tourist here in Abiquiu:

Abiquiu Sept 2014

I wore my special National Parks shirt from our friends Dave, Yuka and Ray!  I’ve been studying hard and am indebted to you all to put my education to work.  I’m on it!  As soon as I am back from the Everest Challenge bicycle event this weekend, I’ll write up what I’ve been putting down in the journals.  There is lots to do.  In the meantime:

Relax and Enjoy

Relax and Enjoy

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