Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists: Bike Org of the Month

Cup of Pop by Don Ross

The Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists has been instrumental in supporting my bicycling education and improving my confidence for riding safely.  Learning bicycling skills is continuous for me even though I’ve been cycling for seventeen years and have pedaled over 200,000 miles.  In fact thanks to the Coalition my education is accelerating!  The Coalition is like an open source course on bicycling.  Members share information freely, connect and guide one another to cutting edge resources, and create a sense of community where all the participants have an awareness of and great sensitivity to what it means to be a bicyclist in 21st century America.  The Coalition does a lot of work on bicyclists’ behalf including liaising with politicians and planners to ensure active and traditional transportation life ways are part of the backbone of Arizona’s transportation infrastructure and culture and well integrated into the daily traffic flows.   The Coalition advocates for bicycling as an egalitarian transportation method and provides educational resources so everyone can feel confident bicycling to get to where you want to go in life.  Even though I’m a racing cyclist the Coalition welcomed me in and truly supports the entire spectrum of a diverse community of riders around our common passion for keeping bicycling as a beautiful part of daily life in wondrous Arizona.  Thanks CAZBIKE for helping citizens better implement freedom of choice in our daily transportation decisions by making bicycling a safer and more enjoyable way to go.  I highly recommend everyone who bicycles in Arizona to join.  The Coalition ensures the voices of bicyclists are heard and makes us stronger bicyclists by joining us together.

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