First Strava Ride: Three Times Snowbowl

First Ride by Don Ross

I did my first ride recorded on Strava today.  Here it is:

It was the three times Snowbowl workout where I try to do three ascents with a combined climbing time under 1 hour and 30 minutes.  The first time up today was 29:05, then 29:53, and 30:30.  That is using the “Snowbowl (Official sign-to-sign)” route name on Strava.  Who is this Drew Miller guy with the record of 26:54?  He is a legend and still doing legendary rides.  In 2003 Drew set the race record on Snowbowl with a 26:23.  When I spoke to Drew’s then teammate Jake Rubelt about the record in 2003 Jake was still wincing from leading him out so hard.  I guess Drew was on fire that day.

It looks like my watts were calculated incorrectly so I checked the weight on my Strava profile and sure enough it thought I was slightly slimmer than I am, by about 40 kilograms.  I adjusted it and next time should be right.  I will do this same workout again perhaps and certainly do a one time up as fast as I can go attempt.  But I think I’m going to have to put some work in over the winter to really get better at climbing.

Thanks to Mike W. for the pull up on the third ascent today and great to see Erin O. out there too, the Queen of the Mountain, trying to break her own record today.  Watch out for her when she puts her mind to it.  What a great climber.  Lots of great climbers here in Flagstaff.  Snowbowl Road is one of the reasons why.

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