Bisbee in 2006

Music: Michael Manring, The Enormous Room

Bring back La Vuelta de Bisbee!  It is one of the best stage races ever in the unique Southwest borderlands, La Frontera de Americana.  After doing the Flagstaff community group ride  Saturday with some of my old teammates that I raced with at Bisbee and seeing them working together as a team (now team GST), it reminded me of the wonderful gifts teammates can bestow to young riders.  Road bicycling is a team sport but with small fields and local races we don’t always get to practice the team dimension to its fullest potentials.  At Bisbee in 2006 my teammates on Grand Canyon Racing showed me the way to the top of the mountain, specifically Mule Pass in Bisbee where both the prologue and the last stage ended.  That was an incredible journey of discovering something new about racing and myself and my teammates all in a compact weekend sporting adventure.  Cycling is a great sport and it is here to stay.  Viva La Vuelta de Bisbee!  Here’s me in the middle celebrating the team win with my brothers in cycling.  This is a thank you that resonates forever and one I will be paying forward my whole life.  Thank you for showing me the way and investing your spirit.  You guys know how much I love you.

Teachers and Student

Teachers and Student

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