Thinking Like a Mountain

Dive in to get this business growing.  There is a lot of important work to do and I need your support to seed my first efforts. crowdrise help me lift off.  I have had nine donors so far.  THANK YOU!  If you have been on the fence now’s a good time to give.  Bicycle Yogi Consulting (BYC) will quicken progress in growing the mode share and improving conditions for bicycling.  Education and advocacy has relied largely on volunteer work until now.  I’ve been tailoring my services menu based on feedback I get from bike professionals and everyone I meet.  I am developing a business plan and have a substantial resume of accomplishments to date.   Please fund me during this start up phase while I further develop the market for consulting services, build strong partnerships and onboard business sponsors to contribute to BYC’s long term development.  BYC keeps all the important components connected, builds trust and lasting relationships through our consistent presence and ability to work without political constraints.  Bicycling will grow tremendously from dedicated efforts, a united voice, and a steady representative presence for lobbying, education, training and a strong and persuasive voice for advocacy.  Please contact me and let me know what needs to get done so that I may work on your behalf.  Thank you!  –Mark Aasmundstad

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