starting up bike yogi consulting

I am raising funds to dedicate my time to start up a business called Bike Yogi Consulting (BYC), whose mission is to integrate bicycling more smoothly into our transit system, and make the roads safer and more pleasant for everyone.  You can give to this by donating at crowdrise

Why would you give to BYC?  You have freedom to use your funds for anything you want to.

BYC crafts winning messages and develops unified strategies that speak up to human intelligence to improve safety and friendliness on public roads.  BYC’s innovative approaches bring people together around the common interest of creating a transportation system that enlivens our health by reducing stress, increasing balance and equality, and allowing us to focus more time and energy on the things we are interested in, science, art, beauty, the humanities, quality time with friends and family.  BYC will help roads become better places for walking and biking, more enjoyable places to drive a car, healthier places for families to spend time together, and easier places to commute on.  Your giving helps America bridge the gap between our enormous promise and a gratifying life together in the most interactive public space in the nation, the open road.

BYC’s primary strength is supporting bicyclists and walkers, and promoting bicycling and walking as activities that enrich our lives and enliven our communities.  We serve as liaison organizing support around common interests by building unity across disciplines and communicating across silo cultures in government and planning agencies.  We build coalitions between organizations within the bicycling community and make stronger connections with organizations with overlapping interests, such as those with health and environmental concerns.  Our consulting work focuses on designing and implementing strategies–such as driver and bicyclist training programs, public service announcements, media campaigns, and enforcement of the three foot passing distance law when cars pass bicyclists–that  increase understanding and raise respect amongst diverse users of our public roads.  BYC develops step by step plans to overcome obstacles with positive actions, and helps local communities realize their power to have more choice and voice in creating healthier living spaces.

Please help me be able to devote my time to this project by giving.  This enterprise is a perfect fit for my training, experience and skills and furthers the conscientious commitment I’ve demonstrated to bicycling.  I have been a member of the bicycling community for 17 years beginning with the Reno Wheelman where I got started, to Grand Canyon Racing, Rideclean, Flagstaff Cycling, Landis-Trek, USA Cycling, and the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists.  I am currently serving as Flagstaff representative for the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists, community liaison for Flagstaff Cycling, and race for the Landis-Trek domestic elite team.  I bike and walk every day.  I want to give back to bicycling and make it more of my life’s work, and am asking for your help in getting this endeavor started.  Thank you!  Mark


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