Everest Challenge

mark-ttchamp copyBike Yogi is about one week old now!  The Bike Yogi Consulting (BYC) enterprise offers a range of consulting and writing services.  This blog will contain entries about the developing business  but also my experiences riding, racing, and living.  I expect the blog to track development in my writing skills, too!

The business side of BYC focuses on creating a safer road culture reflective of human dignity and a deeper wisdom, one that brings together human hearts with the American landscape.   My efforts include advocacy and teaching, advising and consulting, and writing and marketing initiatives.  My work encourages people to imagine how life can better prosper on American roads, and helps us work together towards realizing a freedom that can only exist if it is shared.

BYC’s writing and marketing strategies help people open their minds, shift perspectives, and be encouraged.

BYC’s advocacy and teaching shows how to use reason as a guide to order and decency, helps us stand up to meet responsibilities, and improves mutual understanding and respect.

BYC’s advising and consulting helps bring people together, leverages our affinities to outweigh differences, and facilitates equality amongst diverse ways of moving.

Our main focus is bicycling, but you can’t talk about what is good about bicycling without talking about what is good about everything else.  When John Muir said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe”, he very well could have been speaking of how we are all connected and responsible for contributing to safety and a healthy environment on public roads.  The street in front of our house is the first leg of every journey that connects us to every other part of our lives.

The road gives us the country and the country gives us ourselves.  When venturing out together in our shared landscapes, set out with a generous heart, faith, hope and the courage to seek a better sense of ourselves.  Here’s a song for imagining the most adventurous road possible.

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