naming the wind

My wife was helping me sift through ideas for a motto for Bike Yogi Consulting.  I threw all my best ideas out there urgently excited for confirmation but she’s a good editor, and quickly if not roughly, with straight forward honesty at least, she shot them all down.  Finally–thinking back to how I reacted to my recent rest day off the bike–she suggested “no bike no life”.  Well, that is fitting for me, but I told her I didn’t want a double negative in my motto.  She retreated back for a moment, whirled some creative energy around, and came forward with “elevating life through bicycling”.  By golly that’s it!  I paid her by going and doing all the dishes.  She says I’m still in debt.  I agree.  Working through a grass roots, person-centered approach I want to help enrich life through bicycling (just like the idea of reading for elevated living except with bicycling the landscape we ride through is our book, bicycling the language).  If we get out in the wind and go for a spin bicycling helps us learn more about our self and connect intimately with the world.

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